Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Borocko Bomber

I have a passing interest in US politics but rarely delve deeper than the headlines. Israeli politics is plenty sufficient to induce a migraine and the less said about UK politics the better.
However, some of the podcasts I have been listening to deal with US current affairs and politics, and I kept hearing about 'Borocko Bomber'. The name conjured a mental image of a cartoon raccoon replete with flight goggles and silk scarf, possibly neighbour to Deputy Dawg (a favourite cartoon character).

Eventually my curiosity was piqued and I Googled to discover a rather serious young gentleman who seems to be the darling of certain sections of the US electorate.
Now I just wonder why he is called Lightening (Barack in Hebrew).


Monday, January 08, 2007


Finally I poke my head out from under the pile of end of year reports and other fun activities that have delayed my first blog post of 2007.

We celebrated in the usual way – my husband fell asleep on the sofa while I watched a truly dreadful selection of TV programs. Just before midnight I nudged hubby awake and we gave a toast to the New Year. A few seconds later my parents phoned with their best wishes.
In Israel New Year like Christmas is pretty much a non-event unless you are Russian, Argentinean, a Kibbutz volunteer or a Tel Avivian.

For some weird reason Israelis name the celebration Sylvester, after a saint, giving it a Christian connotation which leads to objections from the religious and confusion among Olim (new immigrants). To me Sylvester is, and always will be, the black and white cat that is forever trying to make a snack out of Sweety Pie.

2007 is pretty significant for me personally as it is the first year I have started the year having lived longer in Israel than in England. The actual half way point was sometime in October. It is strange to contemplate how distant I am in every way fro the country of my birth.
I wish we were able to visit more often but I don't think I could ever go back to live there permanently.

In other news Shlomi started 2007 on a good omen. On last night's news we we top of the league for rainfall - 104 mm fell over the weekend!